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Magical Dating Service -- cute, sexy magic

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This version of the "1 out of 15 binary-sort divination" is very commercial, as it has "cute" props (that have a sort of Anime caricature feel) and can play for a group of women as well as a group of men.   The idea is this: magi shows a man a card with 15 different women pictured on it.  Each woman has a personality trait attached to her.   He thinks of any of the women, base don which personality trait he would want in a blind date.  Next he is given four cards with groups of 8 woman on each card.  he keeps the cards that include his mentally selected woman, and puts any other cards facedown on the table.  The mental magi can instantly name the trait of his chosen woman.

For a group of ladies, I alter the patter a bit, so that the (female) spectator is thinking of one of her best friends, and then (as with the men's presentation above) the mentalist divines the chosen trait.  

Because this can be immediately repeated, and gets stronger with a couple repetitions, I ask them then choose another woman, based on the next trait they would like in a blind date, or based on another good friend.  Even is the cards are sorted and the same number of cards are kept or discarded, the mentalist can divine the proper trait.

Easy to do, and fools magicians who only know the method where they must see the faces of all the sorted cards.  In this method, you do not see any of the faces of the sorted cards, due to a subtle marking system on the back.

Cards are  reasonably stiff cardboard, but if you perform this alot (and you will) you may want to do what I did, and have them laminated.  Not necessary, but if you do they will last forever.

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