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Magic Money Super Wallet (Tricks Co, Ltd. Japan)

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From Tricks, Co in Japan, probably from about 1975 (though the packaging and instructions are undated.)   This is the trcks Co version of Pat Page's Easy Money / Flash Cash effect, where pieces of blank paper quickly and visibly transform into paper money.   Not much is added to that effect, but tricks Co does provide the "Super Wallet" to allow the transformed money to once again be changed -- say from five dollar bills into Tens, and then examined.

In essence, you get Easy Money and a simple vinyl switching wallet (which you might also find useful for other magic routines requiring a switch of a flat object in a simple and easy way).  It comes with phony play money, as you can see, but could be made up with real bills.

This is a very collectable item for those who are interested in japanese magic from the start of the Tenyo/Tricks Co explosion of cool magic from that country.  The props are like new, and the original instructions are also in excellent shape.  The packaging box is only fair, with some graphics missing where price sticker was removed, some tears around the edges, etc.

Only one of these in stock so don't wait to order it if you need this one for your collection and/or perfoming repertoire.


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