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No Tear Cards -- MAGIC -- set of 6

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 Not a magic trick...just a dumb gag that you can use on anyone to break the ice and get them more interested in magic.

 The cards read "Tear this card up and I will magically restore it". Of course, the joke is that the card cannot be torn.   Funny and should lead to a request for you to really do a trick!

The cards are large, about twice the size of business cards, and are printed on an odd kind of "paper" (Tyvek, maybe, I think) which makes them very difficult to tear.   Therein lies the gag, as the unsuspecting victim (or decide) reads the card and tries to rip it up.

You get 6 cards, which should last quite a while, since they can't be torn, but they do get a bit wrinkled or bent around the edges after 10 or 12 people have tried to tear the same card.    And a few of your "victims" will offer to buy the card from you so they can spring the gag on their friends!

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