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Parrott Tarot Deck -- colorful, with four extra cards

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This unique Tarot deck, designed and drawn by Thom Parrott, isd very colorful, and has a simple (yet still beautiful) look, almost like it was drawn by a child.  My experience is that lay persons are particularly drawn to this deck, as the artwork feels more "inviting" than on many more formal-looking decks.

The deck includes and extra card value in the Minor Arcana that is not normally found in standard Tarot decks -- in addition to the usual Minor Arcana "face cards" of the Prince, Princess, Queen and King, this deck includes a Mentor card for each of the four suits.  So you have an 82 card deck (including the Major and Minor arcanas).

For use in magic routines, I like the "mentor" card a lot, as it can be used as a magical guide for the spectator as she tries to discern her fate or find the card of destiny, etc.  The Minor Arcana of this deck design also has references to the standard playing card values on each card in the upper left hand corner, so it might be used in combination with normal playing cards to do some sort of interesting revelation of a chosen card.

This deck manufacturered by SS Adams, and comes woith a basic instruction sheet on how to give a readng and card meanings.

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