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MESSINA, Tube -- no force You Tube prediction

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2008, staple bound booklet put out by Jason Messina.

This manuscript covers a few very interesting methods for using online/internet video to reveal freely chosen objects, random drawings, unforced playing cards or ESP symbols, etc.   It provides a few methods, but the first one is the best, in my opinion.  (And even that method has multiple approaches).

If the effect does not sound like anything new, you should watch the You Tube demo of Tube.  The very strong elements of the effect are that the video prediction is time stamped by You Tube, so it is definitely somethign that was made before the spectator's selection.  It also seems impossible that the prediction can be controlled, altered or changed in any way.

Tube could be a killer effect to use when closing a big gig negotiation.  Here is how I have used it:  I send a packet of ten different "Values" cards to the CEO of the company who might hire me.  And a sealed prediction.  When I am on the phone trying to close the deal, I suggest that I show her just one more effect.  I ask her to choose any one of the Values (things like teamwork, innovation, efficiency, creativity, stamina, honesty, etc) -- she chooses freely and decides on creativity.   I tell her to open the prediction.  She finds a printed URL to my You Tube account.  When she goes to it, there is one video, uploaded four days earlier.  When she plays it, it is me telling her that I also value CREATIVITY and I think her company would enjoy and benefit from my show.

Tube can pay for itself ten times over with just one extra gig.   Give it a try!

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