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Nomen Omen -- David Acer (Camirand Academy)

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David Acer's take on the Fred deck effect, in which the deck has people's names written on the back of every card.  In the standard "Fred" effect, you make a prediction, and ask someone to name a card.  When they say "Three of Hearts", you open the prediction and it says "Fred".  But then when they look on the back of the 3H, it has the name Fred, and the other cards have different names.

It's a good effect.


But Acer takes it a step further, doing a two-phase prediction that tends to strengthen both of the separate predictions.  First, the deck is shown with the names on the back.  A prediction is written, and the spectator chooses a name they like on the back of the cards.  That card is shown -- say it's the Queen of Spades.  The prediction is opened and it says "Q of Spades".    A second prediction is written, and the deck is fanned faceup.  The spectator chooses any card they see.  (Let's say it's the Two of Clubs)  Well, this time the prediction says "Gary".   The two of clubs is turned facedown to show the name GARY on the back.


The workings are easy to do, and the deck does all the hard parts.  You will have to put names on the cards, as the deck comes "unnamed" so that you can customize it to your favorite names, celebrities, famous magicians, whatever you prefer.


Note: the deck is exactly as supplied to me by Camirand Academy, but only has 48 (not 52) cards.  This is how Camirand issued these decks --(I have had a number of Nomen Omen Decks, and they all have 48 cards).  This does NOT have any adverse impact on the workingof the trick, or the effect on the audience.  Just wanted to let you know that the supplied gimmicked deck is a few cards short.

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