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Key Bend (in spectator`s hand) -- no moves, no gimmick

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On the one hand, this is the most impressive key bending effect I have ever seen...  no, not seen.  Felt.  I felt the key bending in my own hands.  It is simply astounding.  On the other hand, there are aspects of the method that are not very practical.  (But only in the pre-show setup and get ready -- the working of the effect is about as practical as any performer could want:  show a solid and straight metal key, put it in the spectators clasped hands, and it bends... while she is holding it!)

I don't know the physics or molecular engineering of this key, but when you set it up in straight condition, it will later bend itself back to how it looks in the picture.  I do it like this:  I show the straight key, then rub it gently between my thumb and forefinger.  The key seems to have a slight bend appearing in it.  This is impressive, but not super impressive.  But now comes the fun part...  Ask the spectator to hold out her palm.  I put the key (still more-or-less straight) into her palm, and she covers it with her other hand.  NO SWITCH, NO EXTRA GIMMICK.  She clasps the key and I give her my most psychic-telekenetic gaze.  As she squeezes the key in her hands, she will FEEL it bending.  A little at first, then more and more.  The key actually is bending, and so it often digs into the skin a bit -- not painful, but very eerie.   She opens her hand and immediately examines the warped key.   It will not bend back.  It is truly bent, and it is the SAME key that was straight moments before.  

There is a less expensive version of this effect where a bent key straightens itself, but Uri Geller did not get famous by straightening keys!  You want the one where the straight key bends.  The effect is much clearer when the key goes from its "normal" (straight) state to an "abnormal" (bent) state.

Again, this one takes some pre-show prep, and special consideration in handling the key before you bring it out for performance.  So it may not be for everyone.  But that said, I have used one of these in my stand-up mental show for many years, and it is actually quite practical (not to mention impressive and memorable).  

The manufacturer's instruction sheet is not very detailed, so I will provide an extra instruction sheet that I wrote myself -- it details the handling and routine I use for this prop in my own gigs.

Some versions of this prop that I have seen do not look like real keys, but this key is very realistic looking, and never raises any questions about its ordinariness.

Brand new and unused, with the exclusive TMGS detailed instructions

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