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Blind Date -- EM Magic -- cute magi-mentalism

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I got a great buy on some of these, so I am passing the savings along to you.  

This effect is sort of a cross between the Locked deck and the old Mystic Tags trick that I got in my first EZ Magic set.   But Erez Moshe has re-worked the combined effects, to include some popular and beautiful celebrities.   There is a mentalism aspect to this effect, as you divine the thought of celebrity, but also magic as the thought of celeb vanishes and appears in a wallet (or anywhere...)


The magi shows a set of celebrity name cards -- all beautiful, sexy women -- and shows them to be all different.  Each card has hole in it, which becomes important later.  The spectator peeks at one of the woman, remembers her as his blind date, and the cards are squared up.    Now (without any secret moves or steals) the cards are tied together.  The magi divines the chosen celebrity, and then flips trhough each and every card in the tied packet.  The celebrity the spectator was thinking of is gone!  The card is removed from any impossible location you prefer.


Some of the names of the celebrities are a bit dated:  Madonna, Julia Roberts, Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, etc.  There is even Monica Lewinski (but it's mis-spelled as Levinski);  I've discovered this is good for a laugh -- I tell the audience she changed her name after the presidential scandal.


Easy to do, fun, and has some good mystery.   Item retails for $20, but stuff costs less at TMGS!!!


Brand new with instructions.


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