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Psychic Spectrum -- colorful prediction

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This colorful mentalism item (which can have a magical twist also... I'll explain below) uses an old idea that goes at least back to Deland and the early 20th century.  But the effect is what counts, and so the old method (which makes it simple to do) should not put any smart magi-mentalist off trying this one.

You open a vinyl wallet, and that you have a card with a circled question mark under the plastic on one side.  You remove a packet of seven cards from the other side, and show these cards in a fan, each card showing a large colored circle and the name of the different colors wirtten in the "index" corner of the card.   The cards are placed faced down and a very fair selection of one card is made.  The card is green.  The card with the circled question mark is removed from the wallet and now the question mark has changed into a big green circle.   (That's the magical part.)

Or if you want to do a straight prediction, you can have one card aside as a prediction, have a color chosen, and it matches the prediction -- no magical change of the question mark card into a color card.  (This is how I prefer to do it.  I just use the question mark as a "cover" to hide the color of my prediction.)

A good little pocket mental mystery.

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