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Noted -- notepad to deck of cards

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A quickie that could be good for opening your card set.  You hold a small paper notepad, and ask for someone to name any card.  You write the name on the pad, and then somehow, in full view, the pad changes into a deck of cards.   Look through the deck and take out the card that was named.  "Yep, there it is!" you say, with a smile and your tongue in your cheek.   If you change the pad into your Invisible deck, then you could find the named card reversed in the middle.  More magical, but I think that the cheeky gag after the quick change of the pad into the deck also works just fine.

Best as an opener, since it is a bit hard to get into this in front of the audience.  But if you walk on with the pad in your hands, you can have a very magical moment in the first 10 dseconds of your show.

With DVD instructions by that slightly annoying guy who demo's and teaches all the Magic Tao stuff.

(Oh yeah, no snide comments about my chubby fingertips in the photo!)

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