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Sealed Die Influence -- nice wood prop

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This starts off as a puzzle and ends up as a mystery.   The concept is simple:  a single die is sealed inside a small wooden box with a plexi window lid.  The die is in there for good -- the lid is screwed on, and there are no openings in the box.   Although the die rattles in the box, it cannot roll.  So when you hand the box to the spectator and ask her to try to change the uppermost number on the die, she will not be able to do so.

But you, the one of magical powers, takes the box in your hand, concentrate for a momment, and then your other hand places the box on the table.  The number in the plexi window top has changed!   Again, the spectator can try to change it, but will not succeed.  And again, you pick it up, concentrate and place it down -- again there's a new number on top.

Very puzzling.  I use this a lot for table hopping when there is a young know-it-all child at the table.  It drives 'em nuts.  But even better for adult audiences, and can even have a mental/psychokenetic spin to the presentation if you want.   (Note:  it is not easy to control the number that comes up, so the effect is limited to the change, not a change to a specific named number.  Maybe with lots of practice, you could get better than me at making specific numbers come up.)

A good little pocket effect, with box, secret gimmick, and instructions.

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