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Crossword -- Mark Mason -- w/DVD

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Mark Mason has a number of very visual and startling effects that utilize the same gimmick design as CrossWord, and like the other effects using this ingenious method, CrossWord is excellent.


The effect is similar to the classic Daley's last trick, where cards in the spectator's hand change places with cards in the performer's hand.  but Mason takes it to a new and very visual level, since the cards in the performer's hand change VISIBLY to the cards the spectator was holding.  (I wish I had a better ability to put videos on our website, so you could see this, but look up Mark Mason Cross Word on You Tube and watch the short video -- it doesn't show the effect as well as it could, but around 50 seconds into the video, you will see the visual change up close... it really looks that good!)


Effect:   four cards are shown.  Two say "mine", and two say "yours".  You show them to the spectator, giving them the two "yours" and keeping the two "mine" for yourself.  ("Because those two are yours, and these two are mine!")   But you wave your "mine" cards in the air, and visibly, they change to "yours".  The spectator looks in her hands and now she has the two "mine" cards.


Not too hard to do.  The visual change takes some practice to get it as smooth as Mason does it on the you tube video, but the ingenious gimmick in the card does most of the work.


With DVD instructions.

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