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Card Morph -- Jeff Ezell / David Regal

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Rod's Rule of Magic #246 -- lay people love to see misprinted playing cards.  There is something about a 3-and-a-half of clubs, or a reverse color card, or any card that is oddly printed, that just makes laymen smile.  If you add a strong magical effect tot he mix, you have memorable magic.

So Jeff Ezell's Card Morph (with instructions and bonus routine by David Regal) is bound to warm the hearts of your lay audiences, even while it amazes them.  It looks like this:  a card is selected (let's say, the 2 of hearts), and lost in the deck.  The top card is turned faceup and it is NOT the selection -- it is, for example, the Nine of Hearts.  No worries.  The magician shakes the nine, and all the pips slide to one corner.  Then the magician rubs a corner index on the card, causing it to change to a two.  He shakes the card one more time and it is now a perfectly printed two of hearts.

I prefer Regal's "more advanced" handling, because the odd "pips in the corner" card can be handled by the spectator before it is finally turned into the selection.  And the "more advanced" moves are not really anything too difficult for the card magician of average skill and knowledge.  But if you stick with the "easier" original handling, the routine is still memorable for the reasons mentioned above.

Comes with three specially printed cards, so you don't always have to have the same two cards involved,  and also one of the cards has a red back vs. blue, so it can work for either color Bicycle poker deck.

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