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Copy Cash -- paper to bill -- very clean

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Professional "working" magicians know that one of the most impressive effects you can do close-up for a lay audience is to change a blank piece of paper into a real, spendable $20 bill.   Or euro, or pound note...  depending where you are performing.   Peter Eggink's method and handling of this effect is very good, and it will fool you when you see the demo. 

For those magicians who do Kozlowski's wonderful $100 bill switch (using that extra special thumb-thing... I mean, something), this version of the closeup bill transformation is done without any extra gimmick -- just the special bill.   And you get an extra change in this routine, since the blank paper first becomes a xerox copy of a bill, and then this becomes a real bill.

You hold a blank paper at your fingertips, fold it into eighths and then almost visibly it is printed.  You unfold it, and it is a photocopy of a bill.  So you re-fold it into eighths, and again it changes almost visibly into the real thing.

Comes with three different currencies -- US dollar, Euro, and British pound.  You will have to supply the real bill that you use with the blank and photcopy supplied.  The DVD shows you exactly how to construct the special gimmicked bill in about 15 minutes.  And then of course, it details the handling that makes this effect look like a miracle.

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