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Bolted Aces -- easy impossible Aces to pocket

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Kirk Charles has taken the classic Locked Deck effect (created by Lu Brent) and simplified it, and changed the basic effect at the same time.   With Bolted Aces, you show a deck that has a hole drilled through it, and a simple wing nut and bolt holding all the cards together.  You riffle through the cards and clearly show that the four Aces are in various parts of the bolted deck.  Then without any moves, you spread through the cards, (or let the spectator spread through them -- no worries about a dropped deck all over the place, since they are bolted together! -- ) and the Aces are gone.  They are no longer in the bolted deck.  Then you can reach into your pocket (or four different pockets, or anywhere else you want) and remove the four Aces.  The holes are intact, so the aces must have been removed by magic, not sleight of hand and brute force.


Easy to do, and much more impressive for laymen than most magicians would think.  But that is because we don't think like lay people -- if you take off your magician's thinking cap, and imagine the effect above from a layman's point-of-view, you will realize, it is very strong indeed.

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