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Three Six Five (blue Bicycle) -- Alakazam UK

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Here's a new approach to the classic "Calendar" effect.   It looks like this:    A prediction is given to someone to hold, and a pocket calendar is placed on the table in full view.  Now you show a deck of cards to be well mixed, and cut a few times by the spectator.  You ask her to look up her birthday (or any important date in her life) in the calendar.  As she finds the date, she sees that each day in the calendar has a different number from 1 to 52 written on it.  (Each number repeats 5 times, since there are 365 days in the calendar, but the number are not in any discernable order).   When she finds the date she has freely chosen, she nots the number that is randomly assigned to that day -- it is truly a free and random choice.   Let's say it is 36.   The spectator (not you) picks up the deck and counts down 36 cards.  The card at that spot is turned face up -- the 6 of diamonds.  The prediction (which is never switched or changed) is shown, and it is... yes, the six of diamonds.


The date choice is free, and the calendar can be examined forever -- there is nothing to find.  The spectator deals the cards -- the deck is not manipulated after the choice of date.  The prediction is not switched.


The DVD instructions teach the routine using a pocket datebook or calendar, but the effect can be just as strong if you forego the calendar and use randomly chosen numbers to deal down to the card.  For example, three people each choose a number -- one between 1 and 10, another between 1 and 15, and another between 1 and 25.  These three freely selected numbers are added together and the total is what you use to count down in the deck.


I like how Three Six Five uses an old principle that almost every magician knows, but with a simple twist that makes for a deceptive and impressive effect.    Comes with the necessary deck, but NOT the pocket calendar -- you can use any calendar, and you will have to spend an hour writing in the numbers.  (The DVD tells you exactly how to do this efficiently and correctly.)    With DVD instructions.

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