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Break Out -- Peter Eggink -- Blue Bicycle

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Although this effect can stand on its own -- and stand very well, it is best as a climax phase of your ambitious card routine.  You can use the included deck to do almost any ambitious card sequence, and then after showing how the signed and selected card has risen to the top of the deck, you tell the audience that you will do it again "under TEST conditions".

Here is where the BreakOut effect begins:  You show that the card box has a large hole cut in the side.  (see picture).  The signed selection is mixed into the deck, and you chow that the selection is nowhere near the face of the deck.  The deck is put into the card case, and you show the hole to the spectator, where she sees part of a card face -- not her selection.  Then with a wave of your hand, the spectator's signed card is now visible through the hole.  The signature is visible -- it is not a duplicate.   But before the spectator can recover form this "in the case" ambitious effect, you go one better!  Suddenly, the signed selected card penetrates through the side of the case and rests on top.

The case and deck can be examined with one simple steal of the gimmick, but I don't think this is really necessary, given how visual and clean looking the effect it.   This one does take some practice, but not to master any difficult moves -- just to get the timing down and the handling smooth.

Brand new with DVD instructions. 

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