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HOFFMAN, LATER MAGIC -- 1951 E.P. Dutton edition

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HOFFMANN'S LATER MAGIC  by Prof. Hoffmann (Angelo John Lewis)

1951 hardcover "enlarged" edition from EP Dutton Publishing of this comprehensive classic text (originally published by Dutton in 1904, and Dutton first published their "enlarged" edition in 1935)

hardcover with decorated cover, 554 pages.    

Professor Lewis Hoffmann was the pseudonym of barrister Angelo John Lewis. The author of many popular conjuring handbooks, such as Modern Magic (1876) and More Magic (1889), in this volume Professor Hoffmann tries to present a comprehensive compilation of magic tricks. 

Just looking at the photos of the  many pages of the table of contents to see just how complete and comprehensive this book is.  Jam packed with fascinating history of magical methods.   When you read this book, most of the stuff will strike you as not the kind of magic/method you would add to your current performance repertoire.  But if you love magic history and appreciate the breadth of ingenuity that goes into creating magical effects, this book is a treasure trove of information.  

And if you read the book carefully, making notes on certain methodologies detailed, you WILL find some versatile methods and ideas to add to current routines.  Forgotten ideas that are still practical and effective.  You just have to find them among the arcane methods that were state-of-the-magic-art over 100 years ago.

This Dutton edition from 1951 includes John Mulholland's new introduction, which gives much interesting and useful info about the text and its author.   ALSO, this edition includes the two extra sections:  New Miscellaneous Tricks and Recollections of Hartz the Wizard, which are not included in the more common 1953 reprint.   This adds 184 pages of historical material that are not found in the follow-up editions.

Recent online searches for this edition turn up various prices from $75 to $85.     Get this important book on magic's early techniques and apparatus for less!

CONDITION NOTES:  previously owned, but in very good condition.  all pages are clean, undamaged, and unmarked.  Binding and all pages are tight and intact.   Cover is also clean and above average.      Some wear shows on ends of spine, and a bit of corner/edge wear .   Spine shows some sun fading, as does a triangular section at the bottom of the front cover.

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