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Phantom Heart -- magical prediction

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This is a simple 1-in-3 prediction, which would not get me overly excited, but The Phantom Heart has a really neat, and magical, way of revealing the prediction which makes the whole thing very effective.  It seems like someone must have accidentally discovered something about an empty film cannister that allows for this effect to occur, so they went out and invented a trick to go with what they discovered.  but it is still a great little trick.  And the props are high quality -- laminated cards and a cute little wooden heart, plus an ordinary film cannister.

Magi mentalist hands the film cannister to someone to examine, and to make sure that it is empty.  The magic mentalist puts the lid on the cannister, and sets it on the table.  Now three colorful cards are shown, each bearing a symbol -- a heart, a cube, and a circle.  The spectator chooses one -- the heart -- and then a number between 2 and 10.  (Let's say it's 6).   The mentalist picks up the cannister and shakes it, asking "what is inside?"   The spectator heards nothing and saw notthing when they examined it, so they say "nothing".  But then the magician shakes the cannister SIX times (the chosen number) and on the sixth shake, something is suddenly heard inside the cannister.  It shakes a few more times, noisily confirming its appearance inside the examined cannister.  The spectator opens the cannister and inside, she finds a wooden Heart, to match the symbol card she chose.

Plays well for kids, too, because it has a lot of visual and sensory appeal and a magical appearance of the heart in the cannister.

No longer made by Ickle Pickle, I think because film cannisters are now obsolete.   I great little effect, so get one before I sell out of the few I have.

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