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Devilish Deck (red Bicycle) -- Magic Tao

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This method might not "wow" a group of magicians, at first, but if they start thinking about how clean and easy the handling of the effect is, they may begin to second guess the well known methods they suspected and in the end, they will be totally amazed.  (And of course if you can fool other magi, you know you will blow away the lay audiences!)   The way this deck is gimmicked makes it possible to handle in ways that most forcing decks cannot, and that will definitely wow other magicians.


The effect: 

a prediction envelope is given to someone to hold.  A red Bicycle deck is shuffled and shown to be well-mixed by spreading it faceup from hand to hand.   A spectator is asked for ANY number from 1 to 52.   The magician cleanly counts down to that number, and the card at that number is turned faceup.  It is the 2 of diamonds.  The person holding the prediction envelope opens it and takes out a single card -- also the two of diamonds.


NOTE:  The number chosen by the spectator is always counted to from the top of the deck, without any shifting or cutting of the cards.  It works for any chosen number between 1 and 52 -- unlike some decks where you might get into trouble if you had to count more than 20 cards or so.    Also, the final card is ALWAYS at the exact number -- no funny stuff, like counting down 20 cards and then setting the 21st card aside.  The 20th card would be the one.


No forces of numbers or switches of prediction.  No sleights.  The gimmicked deck does most of the work, and you just need to get the simple handling of it under your belt with a few practice run throughs.    With DVD instructions.


Still reading?   My personal routine goes like this:  (Not explained on the DVD, but you will understand how to do it if you know the cross-cut force) -- take out a red deck and a blue deck, still in their cases.  The spectator chooses one.  Let's say she chooses the red deck.  She holds onto it, while you remove the blue deck from the box, shuffle it, show it to be well-mixed, and then set it facedown on the table.  Another spectator cuts off some of this blue deck, and you mark where he has cut but setting one half of the deck on the other at an angle.  Now, return to the woman, and ask her to name any number from 1-52.  She names 29 (for example).   You take back the red deck from her, remove it from the box, and immediately count down 29 cards.  The 29th card is shown.  It is the King of Spades.   The other cards in the red deck are shown to be different.   Now attention is turned to the blue deck, and the card cut to is turned up -- it is also the King of Spades.

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