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Coins in Flight BRASS US quarter size

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A nicely made version of the German Coin Box, (which was popularized by Tenyo's Angel Coins), but this one is not plastic -- instead it is beautiful brass, and also has a deceptive additional gimmickry that makes the original German box method seem impossible.  For those familiar with the principle of disguise used in the classic Chinatown Quarter trick, well, then you will understand when I say that the same principle has been incorporated into the Space Coins box.

The effect is simple:  A small brass box is taken from a red cloth bag.   Five quarters are placed into a small brass box.  The box of coins is placed on the red cloth bag, clearly displayed still full of coins.  Then it is covered with a coffee cup.  A moment later, the magician snatches five coins from the air, and lifts the coffee cup to show the box is empty.  The hole in the bottom of the box is a subtle but strong visual proof that the box has nowhere to hide even a single coin.

A very useful and effective pocket trick.  You will do this often.

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