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Miracle Ghost Card Glass -- full card face

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A very visible way to reveal a selected card  --  which can be played as a psychic phenomenon, ghostly writing, or plain old magic!

A piece of glass is shown and can be examined by the spectator.  It is polished up and set on the table.  Now a card is selected, and the glass is placed on the magician's palm.  Slowly the image of the chosen card appears in the glass (see the picture).   The image can fade away as eerily as it appeared.

The image in the glass looks like fog on a mirror or window.  It is not quite as bright as shown in the picture -- (the camera flash seemed to heighten the visibility of the image) -- but the image is still very visible and very obvious when it comes into view.    The glass can do two different cards so the effect can be repeated with a different result.

A nicely made piece of bizarre magic!

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