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Paleface Pasteboards -- vintage Bennett, Emerson

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A very baffling routine by Horace Bennett, who gave the US distribution rights to Arthur Emerson back in the late 1970's and he put it out with the necessary cards (in Fox Lake bridge size) and sold it until abouot the mid 1980's.

This set is in like new condition, except the instructions have some pencilled notes on them.  The cards handle as new.

The effect looks like this.  A deck is shown to be well mixed, and cut into two piles.  One pile is spread facedown on the table, and the other half is fanned for the spectator to select a card -- no force.  Magi turns away as the card is show to the rest of the audience and then the spectator slides the card into the spread on the table.  (Anywhere they want...magi is still turned away.  No peeking, really!)   The magi turns back to the audience and gathers up the cards.  Spectator can give them a shuffle here if they want.  But despite these conditions, the magi looks through the deck and finds the spectator's chosen card.  The big kicker climax comes when the spectator is given the deck and finds that all the cards are blank!  The only card with a face is the selected card.

It is well-routined and will fool the pants off anyone who sees it.  It does not re-set immediately, so not for walk around shows, but for a set show, or when you need to show one trick to close a booking, this is a good choice!

Once you know the routine, you could get the necessary cards to make it up in Bicycle poker from most magic dealers.   But the Fox Lake cards supplied work fine, and they remind us older magicicians of the days when finding blank face Bicycles was a difficult task!  :-)

Get this.  You will not  be sorry.  With original packaging and instructions.  

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