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Sex Symbols -- funny packet magic

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I admit it...  I'm a sucker for packet card tricks with specially printed cards.  Yes, they smack of gimmickry, and are usually overly cute-sy, but in my long experience performing packet magic (since I first caught the packet bug from E&W and Phil Goldstein back in the 1970's), I find that lay people LOVE packet tricks.  They love to see card magic applied to something other than non-descript playing cards.    So when I find a nice set of specially printed cards, I usually get excited.  And I am excited about these...

You get 25 cards in this set, 10 "female" symbol cards, 10 "male" symbol cards, four special double cards, and a funny "baby" symbol card.   Plus a booklet with 6 routines using ideas by Hummer, Gardner, James, Gilbreath, Kane, and others.

My favorite is the Wild Card style routine, where the cards all get a sex-change!   You start with eight female and one male, and they all change to males, a la Peter Kane's Wild Card trick.   Other routines include a magical pairing of the girls with the boys.

If you know some packet magic sleights like and Elmsley and D-lift, you will think of all kinds of routines with thiese.  It is not included in the instructions, but I came up with a routine where 4 male cards become 4 female cards and finally two of each.  To finish, a fifth card appears between the male-female couples -- it is a card with little baby symbols.     Or if you know the Olram move, and the Al Cohen Dot's Impossible routine, you can do a routine where someone always picks out the only female card among five male cards.    Again, that one isn't in the instructions, but if you know the Olram move, you will easily see how to put it to use here.

This set is brand new and unused, with the instruction booklet.

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