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Transpotted Paddle -- Ron Frost

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A paddle trick in the Card magic section?  Well, it's from Ron Frost, and you know how he always seems to come back to cards in his tircks, one way or another.

This effect is like Hot Rod meets Vernon's Five Card Mental miracle.    Six cards are removed from the deck and the spectator thinks of one of them.  The magi names a card, but the spectator says "wrong".  (Occasionally the spectator says "right" which is an extra, but not guaranteed, bonus miracle).   So after guessing wrong, the magi asks which card the spectator was thinking of, and this card is set aside.   The magi then shows a paddle with six colored spots on it, on both sides.  The spectator chooses one (red, for example), and the red spots vanish from both sides of the paddle.   The magician then makes the spot come back, but only one of the spots reappears.  One side of the paddle is still missing a red spot.  The paddle is handed to the spectator to hold, while the magi turns the thought of card facedown -- there is the missing red spot, on the back of the mentally selected card.

If you know Vernon's Five Card mental Miracle, you can adapt the routine to perform that effect first.  This way you are more likely to guess the mental selection correctly, and for those times you don't hit it, you can go right into Transpotted Paddle and still finish strong.  When the spot appears on the back of the mentally selected card, the spectators assume that the earlier failure was simply engineered for dramatic effect.  So you still end up getting credit for divining the thought of card.

Brand new and unopened.

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