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Eggs-traordinary -- comedy packet trick

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When is a card trick not a card trick?   When it involves pushing an egg through the table by magic!

Okay, it's just a picture of an egg, but it is still a great packet effect and has a funny spectator-participation finish.  The routine is a version of the classic Homing Card effect, but uses a picture of an egg (cage-free and organic, of course) with three blank faced cards.   The four cards are shown front and back, and then the egg card is turned facedown and dealt onto the center of the table.  The three blanks are placed under the table, the egg card is gently tapped by the magi, and turned over.  The egg has vanished from the card, and when the three blanks are brought above the table, it is seen that the egg has landed on one of the blank cards.  The egg is turned faced down again, and placed on the table.  Again it is tapped through the table, magically vanishing from the tabled card and landing on one of the remaining blanks.  Once more the egg is placed facedown on the table.  The last blank card is put under the table, and the spectator is invited to tap the egg card.  But the blank card below the table comes back up, and it is still blank.  Apparently the egg did not go through...  why?  The spectator turns the egg card up to find that he has tapped too hard -- the egg is a broken mess.

I like to finish by picking up the cards and causing a real egg to drop from below the fan.  (This is not described in the instructions, but if you can steal an egg from your pocket, the misdirection of the smashed egg card is plenty to sneak it underneath the fanned cards).

A fun packet effect for adults and also for kids, who go nuts at the broken egg finish!

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