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Poker Fly -- 3 Fly with Poker chips

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I decided to list this in Close-up, and not Money Magic, but then I put it in Coin Magic, too, since it is a great version of the 3-Fly coins across effect -- it just uses poker chips instead of coins. 

Poker Fly, like all good 3-Fly routines, is highly visual, with the chips apparently moving from hand to hand with no cover whatsoever.  Here's what it looks like:  Three poker chips are shown, and held at the fingertips of the left hand.  The enpty right fingers are held up, and the two hands are waved for a moment, then stop to show that one chip is now in the right fingers, and only two in the left.  The spectators are admonished to watch even more closely, as the single chip at the right fingertips suddenly becomes two chips, and one of the two chips at the left fingertips melts away.   The three ships are placed onto the spectator's hand, and she closes her hand around them.  One chip is removed, and cleanly vanished.  When she opens her hand, the spectator finds all three chips in her hand again.  Since she is holding all three, she will no doubt examine them -- let her, since there is nothing to find but ordinary chips.

The chips are very nice quality, not lightweight cheap plastic.  They have a good weight, and look and feel like professional clay poker chips.    I do a poker deal routine before this, and allow the three chips to be used as bets by spectators during the poker deal.  This allows them to get comfortable with the ordinariness of the chips.  After the poker deal lead-in, it is a cinch to ring in the necessary gimmick, and go into Poker Fly.

Although 3-Fly with coins probably is less suspicious than with poker chips, the chips are examinable and so obviously ordinary that you will get as much credit for skillful sleight-of-hand as if you did the trick with coins.  But it is easier with these chips than with most coin sets I have seen.   That said, the routine does take practice to do smoothly, so don't plan on showing this one the day you get it.   But with some practice, you will have a reall worker that you can carry in your pocket all the time, and perform in almost any conditions.

Normally sells for $60-$70, but I got a good deal on a couple of sets, so get it here for less...

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