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Baseball-style final load balls -- not Mike Rogers, but...

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I am not sure where these came from exactly, but they are three balls that could be used for final loads in a Cups & Balls routine.  They are vaguely reminiscent of the truly great Mike Rogers' mini baseballs for the Cups and Balls, but these are much bigger (about 2 inches in diameter) and are NOT sewn leather  -- just rubber balls.  But they are decorated to look like baseballs.     So they reminded my of the classic Mike Rogers Baseballs.

 (To be clear -- these are NOT Mike Rogers baseballs!   They have nothing to do with Mike Rogers.    You can get three of the real Mike Rogers balls for about $75-$100, if you can find them for sale...    But if you want a less expensive alternative for finishing your Cups & Balls routine with a baseball theme, read on...)

The balls are rubber, and the stitching is not sewn on, but is inked on.   Each long "seam" of the baseball "cover pieces" is cut into the rubber surface of the ball, so it looks very much like actual stitiching from a short distance. 

The balls are a bit spotty/dirty, and one of them has a couple of small cuts or gouges in it.   Of course, this makes them look more like real used baseballs -- "it's a feature, not a bug" .  :-)    

I almost kept these for myself, but I decided to offer them to my loyal TMGS customers!  But there's only one set, so act fast if you want them!

NOTE:  the deck of cards and the nickel shown in the photo are NOT included, but you knew that already, right?  They are just there so you get a quick idea of how big these baseball-style load balls are

(Any info that anyone has on these balls, I'd love to hear it!)

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