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Jumbo 52-on-1 Redemption -- gag turns to real prediction

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Save: $2.00
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I have stated elsewhere on the website that I am a BIG fan of the old 52-on-1 card gag -- you know, the one where the spectator names a card, and when you show your prediction, it is a card with all 52 cards on it, lined up in miniature!  Some magicians wince when they see another magician do this age-old gag, but lay people still think it is very funny.

Well, this version lets you finish in a way that is both surprising and amazing -- your magical reputation is redeemed!   Here's how:   the spectator picks a card from a deck (use any deck, not supplied).  Shge shows it to the other audience members, and then puts it back in the deck.  The magician calls attention to an envelope that has been in full view from the very beginning, telling the audience that there is one jumbo card in the envelope -- a prediction.  "Would you be amazed if I show the prediction, and you see your card?"  Of course the spectator agrees.  The magi shows the 52-on-1 gag, everyone groans and laughs, but then in a flash, the 52-on-1 jumbo card expands (unfolds) to be a super jumbo card -- a perfect match for the selected card!

(The poker-sized deck of cards in the picture is not included, but is there to give you a scale for the jumbo and super jumbo cards.)

Other dealers sell this item for about $6, but I think you should really have two -- two different big finish cards so that you don't always have to force the same card.  (If you work table hopping, this is one that repeat customers often request, so having a different card for repeats is important!)   Or even if you don't expect repeat performances, you will use this so much, you'll wear it out after a few hundred showings.   

 So get this "Set of Two different big finish cards" from us at TMGS, and it's not a lot more than buying one somewhere else.

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