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Food For Thought -- Wayne Dobson

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It's amazing how strong mentalism often results from the simplest of props (and, don't tell the audience, the simplest of methods!)   Wayne Dobson has come out with a nifty close-up mental item, where the magi-mental-maven can read the thoughts of the spectator, as she thinks of a food item on her shopping list. 

The mentalist shows a set of 16 cards (sturdy plastic, about the size of a business card), and each card shows a common food item.  The backs of each card have a complete list of the items, that looks like a store receipt.  The spectator can compare the lists on the back, and they will find the items and prices listed are all the same, and in the same order.   With the items all facing downward, the cards are mixed, and then the spectator cuts a portion of the cards, and looks at the card on the bottom of the cut portion.  She remembers it.    Another spectator also cuts and looks at a food item.  (The instructions do two items -- I like to do three, with three different spectators.)   Then with no questions, the mentalist names all three items!

There are a few other tips ont he DVD instructions, where you predict the total of the prices for the selected items.  This requires a well-known mentalist's gimmick that is not included, but the trick is strong even without this add-on effect.  I played around with the cards and thought of a few other ways to use them for mental effects, so the set is really versatile.  But even if you just do the "basic" routine, you have a great close-up thought divination!

The cards are well-made and will last forever, which is probably why this item sells for about $49-$55 when you can find it.  Most online listings are in the UK, where the effect originated.  But TMGS has it for you here, and for less!

 Brand new and unused, with instructions.

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