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Visible Invisibility -- slo-motion card face vanish

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This is a set of specially printed Bicycle Poker cards, which let you show how the face of a card can literally be shaken off the card.   You have a card selected (or just take one out of the deck -- it is not really a pick a card trick, so why bother making a spectator choose...).    With the card in hand, you wave it in the air and ask the spectator to focus on how blurry the card looks while in motion.  Then slow down the shaking to show the card really IS getting blurry.   Moments later the card is completely blank, the face having been completely shaken (or is it shook) off the card itself.

As you'd expect, the routine demands a few exchanges of cards, and the instructions offer a nicely routined way to do this.  But if you are in a lazy mood, you could try this quicky that I often use:   cut the deck, and show the top card.  Now have the spectator hold it between her palms, and rub her palms together, like she was trying to warm them up.  Then when she looks at the card, she finds that the ink has melted and smudged!

That routine is not in the instructions, but if you do the well-known sleight with initials of D.L., you can do what I just described.   Or you will come up with your own new ways to use these funny and  charismatic cards.

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