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Trick Cyclists -- easy card to wallet routine, plus!

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A three phase routine that builds to a nice climax, and best of all, it practically works itself.  

 Three cards are selected, and returned tand shuffled back into the deck.  The third selected card is signed on its face before it is returned and lost in the deck.  A joker is shown and put into your pocket.  Snap the fingers and then ribbon spread the deck, to show the Joker has returned faceup intot he facedown deck.  And the card immediately below the face up Joker ends up being the first selected card.  The Joker is again placed in your pocket, and again, it has returned faceup in tot he deck when it is spread facedown.  And again, the card below the faceup joker turns out to be the second selection!  The joker is put in your pocket again, and this time he does not return to the deck.  The magi pulls the joker from his pocket, (to see what is wrong) and finds the Joker has fallen off his Bicycle. (see picture)   Undaunted, the magi reaches into his pocket again and pulls out the signed third selection.

There is no palming -- just clever routining., and some very helpful and practical gimmicked cards.  With DVD instructions. 

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