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Off with his Head - David Regal

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Good magic is often very simple, and this one is very simple in its premise (to use a word that it's inventor, David Regal, would use).  In short, four kings are shown, one is thought of, and the heads disappear from the thought of King -- they really vanish, leaving cut-out holes in the card.  To finish, the back of the card is shown to be red, while the other (whole, with heads intact) Kings are are shown to have blue backs.  "There's a lot of blood when you cut off a head!" explains the red back.

The three other cards are truly blue backed, and the headless card is truly red backed.  The display (used in the beginning) to show all cards with intact heads is very clever and effective.  And if you want to throw in an extra Elmsley count, you can show all the cards to have blue backs at the start.

Although a simple premise, the props are inherently interesting and charismatic, allowing for an impactful Presentation (another Regal focus word in the creation of good magic), and that leads to powerful magic.  (Power is his other key word, so there you have it.  Premise, Presentation and Power!) 

A memorable card effect, and relatively easy to do.    (I just go a few of these at a super close-out price, so passing the savings on to you!!)

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