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Hole Card transposition (Ian Adair)

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This is a very intriguing trick by the creative British magician, Ian Adair.  

Although it uses two playing cards, it is not really a card trick.  It is a transposition of the holes (that are cut into each card).  Although the value of the cards are both the same, one card has a square hole and one has a round hole.  Even though the cards are examined beforehand, the magi puts the round hole (card) into his pocket, and in a flash, the round hole is again in his hand.  The square hole card is removed from the pocket -- and the cards are again examined.

A simple and impressive effect.  This one doesn't use and tricky sleight of hand, but the method does require (in my opinion) a LOT of practice to be able to manage the gimmick that facilitates the card switch.  But "practice required" is not a reason to not buy a trick, right?  With attention and time to learning this one, you will set your magic far ahead of the magicians who pass it up.

As a bonus, I also use the cards sometimes as predictions in a mental effect -- a card is selected, and a shape is selected, and when the prediction is shown, it is a matching card with the matching shape cut out of it!  (That one is not in the instructions, but you can work out a method, I am sure!)

Brand new with instructions.

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