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Revelation Card Frame -- triple card prediction / reveal

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I am pretty sure this is an old idea by Max Londono -- I remember a similar item being sold by Tannen's back in the 1980's, but I couldn't find it in my old catalogs...  It is very reminiscent of the great Johnson effect "Impress-X", because blank playing cards seem to print while sealed under plexiglas. 

Two pieces of plexiglas -- about 6" square -- are shown.  They have two blank faced playing cards sealed between them.  The plexi is shown cleanly front and back -- the cards inside are blank on one side and have normal red backs on the other.  The plexi is set aside, covered by a handkerchief or cloth.   Now three cards are selected, and the magic happens.  The cloth is taken away, and the faces of the blank cards now have magically printed (while still BETWEEN the plexiglas sheets), and of course the faces match two of the selected cards.  But what about the third card?  Turning the plexi around, it is now seen that the value and suit of the third selection are boldly printed on the card backs (like in the picture).

The plexi frame cannot be examined, but this is not an important point in my opinion.  The appearance of the card faces, the fact that they match the "freely" selected cards, and then the humorous and surprising third card revelation completely take the heat off the plexi.  Besides, the plexi frame is see-through -- what could it hide?    The audience just accepts the magic for what it is -- fun, entertaining and mystifying. 

Easy to do, after a little practice to get the one secret "move" down smoothly -- the frame is self contained, so no switching or ditching.

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