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Blackboard Prediction -- like Tenyo Menta-Marvel

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Hen Fetsch's Mental Epic is still (after half a century of new mentalism effectsd and methods) one of mental magic's greatest, most practical tricks.  It is so good that it inevitably spawned knock-offs and other versions, even in minature.  Tenyo turned Mental Epic into it's Occult Board, producing it as a small plastic board.   UF Grant adapted it to his Streamlined Citation effect.   And Tenyo also adapted Grant's Citation to create it's improved version of Occult Board, which they called Menta Marvel.

This is a very similar prop as Tenyo supplied in Menta-Marvel, but without the vinyl wallet -- in essence, a miniature version of the Citation effect.   I like this one for a couple of reasons:  one, it is still available (unlike Menta-Marvel); and two, it uses wet erase pen to write (rather than the grease pencil in Tenyo's item).   The other difference is that menta-Marvel came with some gimmicked cards to facilitate the third prediction, but here you can just use any deck of cards.

The effect:  a spectator thinks of a color.  The mentalist writes something in the top third section of a small plastic board, and covers the section with an opaque sliding panel.  The spectator names the color, and it is written on the panel, so no one will forget it.  Next, the spectator thinks of a three digit number, and the mentalist writes a number in the second section, sliding the cover panel over his prediction.  The spectator names her number and it is written on the cover panel.  Finally, the mentalist writes a third prediction and covers it.  A deck of catrds is cut for a completely random selection of a card, and the name of the cut card is written on the third panel.  After a brief recap of just how impossible it would be to predict even ONE of the choices, the mentalist slides the panels over to reveal all three predictions are correct.

The method is subtle, but somewhat well known to magicians and so some magicicans tend to think it is old-hat or not impressive.  How wrong they are.  The principle involved, coupled with the gimmickry of the board itself, creates an impressive and dramatic mystery. 

Brand new -- manufacturer's instruction sheet was pretty poor, so we put together a better instruction sheet for you which will be included.


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