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TROST Maxi-Twisto -- (2005 L&L re-issue)

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Originally released by Nick Trost in the 1970's, MAXI-TWISTO may just possibly be the best gaffed version of the Twisting the Aces effect that has ever been released.   I realize that is a bold statement, and there are all kinds of criteria that could be used to compare the many, many, many versions of Vernon's classic Twisting effect.  But if Maxi-Twisto is not the best, it certainly is one of the best, and a fabulous, practical version with a great kicker climax.

The original versions of this trick have been extremely hard to find, since about the 1980's --   But in the early 2000's, Nick Trost struck a deal with L&L Publishing to re-issue many of his classic packets.   And MAXI-TWISTO was one of those chosen for the re-issue collection.   

The effect:    The magi counts through a packet of four faceup Aces.  The Ace of Spades is visibly turned facedown on the faceup packet.  Now the packet is counted again, and the Ace of Hearts has magically turned over to join the "leader" Ace of Spades.   The packet is counted again, and a third Ace (Clubs) is also facedown.  The packet is counted one more time, and the Ace of Diamonds joins the rest -- all four Aces are now facedown.   The magi then snaps his fingers and says "In poker, four aces is a good hand, but if you have a great fifth card, you can always win."  The packet is now dealt faceup onto the table and it is a Royal Flush of Spades.

Why is the the best version, Rod?   Well, I love the fact that there are NO displacements needed during the process -- the Aces are counted faceup, and after the Ace of Spades is turned facedown on top, the cards are again counted in exactly the same fashion to show two facedown cards.  Then again, exactly the same count, and three are facedown, and finally, exactly the same count for all cards facedown.   (Even Vernon's classic original handling has a few somewhat illogical displacements between counts.  None are needed with Maxi-Twisto).   And for the kicker climax, again, no moves or adjustments -- just turn the packet up and deal out the five cards.     Everything is so economically handled, so clean, and full faces and backs are seen throughout.

Impactful and easy to perform because you only need one well-known move throughout!    You will carry this effect, and perform it often!

Cards cannot be examined at the end, but the handling is very open and apparently innocent.  Slip the cards back in your pocket and move on to another effect when your done.

New-old dealer inventory, so in new and unused condition, complete with all props and original instruction sheet. 

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