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Guardian of the Grave (Magic Works, 1995)

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When Milton Bradley negotiated the rights to produce and sell (in different packages and under different names) many of the top Tenyo items, it put a lot of really cool, innovative close-up magic into the hands of toy store shoppers in the USA.   Along with versions of great Tenyo tricks, the line also included three additional items designed by Mark Sedducatti, which were “Electronic Talking” magic effects.  All three were excellent. 

Using Martin Gardner's 3 by 3 matrix principle, which has given us a number of great effects over the years, (notably Tony Spina's "Room For Doubt", Punx "Kismet", and Ken Brooke's "Animal Safari") this trick also provides the magician with a puzzling, hands-free prediction effect.   

The magi lays out nine cardboard numbered grave markers, explaining that only one of the markers (which are actually little folders) holds the Guardian's coffin.  And as we all know, the Guardian must have his coffin to survive.  The spectator places the guardian on ANY grave marker, and the magi then turns him on by pressing a button on the Guardian's chest.  His eyes flash, and he speaks "Welcome!".  Now the spectator pushes the button and again the Guardian speaks, telling the spectator to remove one of the numbered grave markers.  The spectator pushes the button again and the Guardian tells her to move him 5 times .  Each time she moves the Guardian, she pushes the button, he tells her to remove a grave (by the number), and then tells her to move him some number of times.   Never does the Guardian name a grave on which he is standing, so after a while, it becomes clear he is narrowing down to just one.   As each grave is eliminated, it is opened to show it contains nothing.  After eight eliminations, the Guardian announces which grave he is on, and inside is found a small card depicting his coffin.

So, here are a few key points:  the trick can be repeated immediately for the same spectator and the coffin will be in a different grave!  The magi never touches the Guardian after it is turned on.  The whole thing is self contained -- the magi truly does nothing to influence the effect once it is started -- no remote control, etc.  In fact, magi could go away and have a cup of coffee while the spectator lets the Guardian guide her through the effect.

This item has been unavailable for over a decade.  Oh, you might be able to find the beautiful wood version by Wellington Enterprises for sale still,  at only $425!!    But the impact of the Magic Works version is just as strong!   The one I have for sale is in like new condition.  Complete, with original instructions.   Needs 4 AAA batteries (not included) to power the unit.

Original package box is in good condition, with expected corner wear.

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