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Elevation -- coin rise on playing card

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You borrow a quarter, or half dollar (okay, you probably can't borrow that one, but you could have one examined and use it), and place it on a playing card.  After some extreme concentration to focus the cosmic energy, the coin slowly lifts upward off the card.   It sinks back down, and is returned to the owner.

Unlike the Ben Harris (Cosmosis) method for levitating lightweight opbjects like toothpicks or matchsticks over a card, the card does not bend in this method, and you can raise a heavier item like a real half dollar.  On the down side, the coin does not fully levitate.  One edge remains on the card, but the lifting of the coin is still very spooky, and many spectators will swear the entire coin floated, esepcially if you sell it that way.  (It's like the Balducci levitation -- they will remember what you tell them!)   Going back to the up-side of this verison, it is not super-fragile like the Cosmosis version.

Elevation takes practice to do smoothly, but once mastered, you have a spooky quickie to keep with you all the time!  Would be interesting maybe to combine Elevation with the Okito Voodoo doll effect.  You could do the Voodoo doll trick, and then repeat the similar effect with a borrowed coin.

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