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Visible Card Change -- like Tricks Co Ultra Card Frame

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One of my favortie Tricks Co items from the 1990's was the Ultra Card Frame, which was a little metal tray with a crossbar that held a card in the tray.  When the card was slipped out of the tray from under the cross bar, it visually changed to another card.  Of course, the tray could be shown with a card that changed into a previously selected to give the effect some meaningful context. 

Like all Tricks Co items, they are no longer made, and the original Ultra Card Frame is now rare to unobtainable.  There have been a few recently manufacturered versions of the trick, but none has been well-made, whcih is a shame for such a cool and visual effect.  Well, this version now being made is pretty good -- it is not metal and not as nice as the original Tricks, Co one, but it does work well and duplicates the effect.

It is plastic, but nicely constructed.  If you find the original Tricks Co version for sale anywhere, snatch it up.  but until then, TMGS recommends this one for all your visual card change needs!

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