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New Tarots Divination (like Telepath)

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This is a nice version (three high quality laminated printed cards about 4 x 6 inches with vinyl carrying case) of an effect (and method) that was popularized by the Telepath effect back in the 1980's.   The effect allows three spectators to be involved, and the mental-magi can discern each of these spectator's thoughts in a very clean manner.

Three cards are shown, and each card has three pictures on it -- all nine pictures are different, so when a card is given to each of three spectators, they have many different pictures to choose from.  Each spectator thinks of a picture on his/her card.  The magi takes back the cards and turns them over.  The same nine pictures are on the reverse sides of the cards, but shuffled, so different pictures on each side of cards.   Without naming their thought of picture, the spectators let the magi know which card has their picture on it.  The mental-magi then names all three thought of pictures.

Very clean and very easy.    This trick has not been available since about 2003, and although the ones I have for sale are not previously owned, and they are unused, there is a small amount of discoloration on the edge of the cards.   This is barely noticeable and does not interfere with the effect.

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