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Flick (Wayne Dobson -- animated card to pocket)

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This is perhaps the easiest THOUGHT-OF card to pocket ever invented.  And it is sort of funny and fun, too.   You can do this without even having a deck of cards with you! 

You show a 4 inch by 6 inch pocket-sized book with a cartoon picture of a boy on it.  You explain that he is you when you learned your first magic trick.  You mention that back then you tried to do card tricks and usually ended up dropping the deck and having cards all over the floor!   Opening the book to its back pages, there is a spread of cards scattered across the pages, as if they had fallen to the floor.  The spectator looks at the mish-mash of cards and thinks of one.    Now you flick through the book, and on each page is a animation picture -- as the pagfes flip by, the pictures animate to show the boy taking one card from his pocket.  The card back is all you can see, so you ask the name of the thought of card.  The spectator says 5 of clubs.    Well, that was the card.  In fact it's still in your pocket all these years later.  THE SPECTATOR is allowed to reach into your pocket and finds one card:  the 5 of clubs.  

Not the same card every time.  But to make it no sleight, no worry, super easy, there is a "price to pay" (as Mark Strivings would say) -- the method is bold and you may be hesitant to try it or think it will fool people.  IT WILL!  What will seem so obvious to you will not be obvious to your spectators.  So buy it and try it.  You'll like it...a lot!

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