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Lubor Fiedler Show Stopper -- visible, real cig thru card

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Online Price

Save: $5.00
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Qty: 1   

Lubor Fiedler is definitely a magical genius.  This version of the cigarette through playing card is so... different...  in the way it thinks, looks and works, that you will fool EVERYONE, even very knowledgeable and seasoned magicians. 

The effect is this -- a card is shown and held up with its face to the audience.  Full face is seen.  A LIT cigarette is pushed against the back of the card until it burns a hole through and emerges from the face.  This cannot be an illusion -- it is real!  The cigarette is pulled through from the front until just the hole is there.   The magi puts a removable sticker over the hole on the back of the card, then covers the hole on the face with his thumb.  He rubs and the hole is gone.  The spectator peels the sticker off the back, and the card is solid again -- the full back of the card is seen to be whole!!   

This thing is absolutely amazing.   Originally sold by Howard Schwartzman's Limited editions (so you know it must be good), it was also released by Lubor F himself, and now is being sold by Trick Productions in Europe.

You will use up one card with each performance.  The trick comes with 15 cards.  One to practice, and 14 performances.  But at the GREAT price we have on it here at TMGS, you should probably buy a few, since you will perform this a lot!!    Other dealers sell for $30 suggested retail!    You can get twice as many performances for that much here!  (Just buy TWO!)

Brand new, at a GREAT price.   

Nothing like it.  This one is a reputation maker! 

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