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Liquid Separation -- visual and different

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This one must be written up in some very old classic magic book that describes ingenious appartus-based magic effects.  The method has that old-time feel about it, but the effect is so visual and so amazing, that Liquid Separation fits perfectly into any modern magic show.

You show an empty bottle and two metal covers, which are conveniently held on a tray.  Setting the tray on the table, or letting your lovely (or handsome) assistant hold the tray, you lift the covers to show a glass of liquid under each.  One glass has red wine and one has white wine -- or any two different colored liquids.  Using a funnel, you pour the two liquids into the bottle, and recover the empty glasses.  After saying the magic words, the liquid in the bottle starts to visibly disappear.  It just goes down and down until there's nothing in the bottle.  The bottle is picked up and shown all around -- it's really empty!   Then the covers are lifted and the two liquids are again back in their respective glasses, separated again.

The set comes with bottle, tray and covers.  Use any glasses that fit beneath the covers.   The props can be used for other routines as well.  For example, you could just use the bottle and tray to show how your invisible flea drinks a soda, with the liquid visibly going down and vanishing as the flea drinks.  Or the covers can be used to cause liquid to appear in a glass -- I show the glass, cover it, then blow up a rubber glove and "milk" it over the cover.  Lift the cover and the glass is full of milk!

You get the idea.  Lots of ways to use these...

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