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Divide and Conquer -- Jumbo 14 of Clubs

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Very visual and (for laymen) very funny way to reveal a selected card.   Two cards are selected, and then you draw attention to a large predciction envelope.  You claim that you have two predictions, which will reveal the chosen cards.  But since many people mistakenly have called you a mathmetician instead of a magician, you will reveal the cards with some simple math equations.  The first spectator is asked to look at the number of her card and DIVIDE it by two.  She divides her card (the 10 of spades) by two and gets the five of spades. You pull a large (7x11 inch) card from the envelope and it is the 5 of spades!  The second spectator is told to MULTIPLY her card by two.  (Her card is the 7 of clubs, so of course, she thinks something is wrong when she gets the 14 of Clubs!)   But after she announces her total, and you spend some time acting worried, you turn the jumbo card around to show the 14 of clubs!

The card is heavy board, much sturdier than a typical jumbo card stock, so it will hold up well for hundreds of performances.  One side is printed with the 5 of spades, and one side with the 14 of Clubs.

I got a good buy on a few of these -- authentic MY Magic props (not cheap immitations).  So I have an extra good price for you on this great item.

Brand new and unused, with instructions


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