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Cardicians Dream -- changing card

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This is the original version of this effect, put out by Vincenzo Di Fatta in 1997.   There's one "like new" card, and one that is scorched on its back from prior performances -- you can use the scorched one for practicing.  (It is possible to perform this without scorching the card!) 

The magic of science at work.  These special cards have some sort of cool heat sensitivity, so the pips dissappear when you hold the card near a flame or even hot lightbulb.  Show a prediction card facedown.  Have a card selected using your favorite force.   The prediction doesn't match!  It's a nine of clubs and the selection was the five of clubs.  Well, magi just waves his magic Bic lighter flame under the card, and four of the pips VISIBLY vanish.  Leave the card away from heat for a while, and the pips come back. 

Other versions of this effect have hit the market over the last 15 years, but the original Di Fatta cards work as well (or better) than any of them.

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