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The Nude Trap -- 1980s French, Georges Proust

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Here is an EXTREMELY RARE item from the early 1980's, put out by Georges Proust's Academie de Magie in Paris.   The effect is very funny, as well as weird, and also a little sexy (though nothing beyond the pale -- the caricatures are obviously humorous and within good taste.    The uncredited artwork is by James Hodges, who was known for his magic drawings of sexy women.  Richard Kaufman published a book of Hodges magic, called Sexy Magic.)

The effect is this:  magi shows three "cards" of thin plastic, which are printed to represent a woman's dressing room.  There is a die-cut window hole in two of the cards and the other is solid.  (The cards are slightly wider than a poker-sized playing card, and about 1.5 times as long).   After showing the back door card and front door card, the solid (shower curtain) card is placed between them.   Turning the packet over, the spectators see a woman's face in the window -- apparently she is what;s behind the shower curtain.  One of the door cards is lifted up (as in the pic) to show the naked legs of the woman in the window.   But with a quick flip of the wrist and cards, the face in the window changes to a man's face, and the cards are spread to show an embarrassed naked man.  The pretty girl is gone!

I told you it was funny, weird and sexy.   The change is visible, but gimmick takes practice and a knack to do well.  It can be done in a less visible manner if you are having trouble getting the hang of the snap change.  But with practice, anyone can do it.

It is hard to locate effects from the Acadamie of Magie these days, and I have NEVER seen The Nude Trap offered.   Try googling Georges Proust, or Academie de Magie, and you will not find many relevant hits.   So if you are a collector of unique and hard-to-find close-up, don't miss this opportunity.

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