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Diminishing Prediction -- funny card revelation

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So many chances to perform those pick a card tricks, and so we have to keep coming up with new and exciting ways to reveal the selected card.  This one has a lot of things going for it:   1) it has an element of "magician in trouble", which spectators always seem to like, and  2)  it has some added magic happening as the magician tries to get out of trouble, and  3) it has some tiny little cute cards which spectators also seem to like.

So here's what happens: 

  The spectator selects a card, and magi removes a prediction card from a wallet.  But it doesn't match.  So he brings out another card, but also not a match.  The spectator (when asked) reveals that the card value was smaller than the two predictions.  So the magi rubs the predictions together and produces a smaller card from in-between them.  This card is both smaller in value, but also smaller in size.  But it's value is still too big.  So this card is rubbed with one of the other predictions and an even smaller card pops out from between them.  Wrong again, so you produce an even SMALLER, tiny little card, which matches the selection!

Fun stuff.  Simple to do, but it takes some practice to smoothly produce the cards -- it is non-sleight of hand, so not hard to do.  But takes a bit of getting used to the touch needed to smoothly produce the cards from the gimmicked cards provided.

Brand new with instructions. 

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Mis-Prediction (like Sankeys Big Finish)
We all love surprise endings, especially if it looks like the magician made a mistake and then the surprise ending vindicates our hero, and restores his standing as ann amazing dude!  (Or dude-ess, for you gals doing card tricks!)    This trick is not complicated, but the finish packs a lot of impact.   It is reminiscent of an old favorite of mine, which is Jay Sankey's BIG FINISH trick..

A card is selected (let's say the 10 of diamonds, because it will be...), and then the magician opens his "Prediction" envelope and slides out nine cards.   These are placed faceup on the table in a rectangular formation.  The way I do this trick, I give another spectator a quarter and ask them to drop it on any of the faceup cards, saying that the chosen card will be under the dropped quarter.  (Of course, the selecting spectator knows it will no, because NONE of the cards match the selection!)  After the coin is dropped and the spectator denies his card is under the coin, the magician says, "No, I mean really underneath."  With this comment, the magi turns all nine cards over, and the backs form a single large card -- the ten of diamonds!

Easy to do, but lots of fun and impact, as I said.  A great addition to your close-up card work!
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Save: $2.00
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Bicycle Design Gag Cards - Set of 4

You get four red-backed cards, custom printed with red Bicycle back design, in classic gag card motifs: the 14 of spades, the 15 of diamonds, the venerable three-and-a-half of spades, and a very fancy Tree of Hearts.

(Note:  these cards are NOT printed by the US Playing Card Company.  They are imported, and while they handle well and smoothly, they have a slightly different finish from cards produced by USPCC.  Also these cards are a tiny bit longer than standard Poker-sized cards.  When in a standard deck, they protrude about 1/16 of an inch.  So best to use them separate from the deck, in a prediction envelope of card box.  Or in the deck, they can always be easily located and cut to.)

We magicians think these are just silly gags, but if played well, the revelation of the 14 of spades, or the three-and-a-half of clubs, or even the Tree of Hearts, not only amuses the lay audience, but can profoundly knock their socks off, too!

The effect as I usually do it: Spectator picks a card ("freely" selecting the 7 of spades). You explain that your facedown prediction card cannot, of course, be the same card, but it will be exactly double his card. You give examples, "if you picked the 2 of Hearts, my prediction would be the 4 of Hearts, etc". After the byplay when he names the 14 of spades, you show the correct prediction! Another great use is for a blendo card effect: two cards selected (again "freely", the 10 of diamonds and the 5 of diamonds). Via some sleight of hand, a card box, or maybe some other switch, you change the two selected cards into one card that equals their combined values -- the 15 of diamonds!

Tons of possibilities... Get a few sets, because you may wear them out -- you'll be using it so much!

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Teeny Tiny Decks - Set of 8

These little decks of cards are great for stimulating your imagination. 

Use them as predictions in unexpected places -- one stuck to the bottom of a small hour glass, for when time runs out to find the selected card.        Stick one on the back of your business card,  for a memorable revelation of a selected card that will make them remember you.

Or force a low card like a Two, and then "find" the wrong card -- a Ten. "Oh, your card was smaller than a Ten?" Then pull out a tiny Two that matches the selection. 

Or glue the whole deck onto a jumbo card for the 52 on 1 effect, but have one mini card missing -- the one that matches the selection...    

You get the idea.   No instructions included, but if you know some basic card magic, you can find tons of ways to use these fun little cards.    (A few of the mini cards are shown in photo with a poker sized card, so you can tell how small they really are!).

You get 8 complete mini decks

Save: $1.00
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