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Newspaper Seance

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To be honest, I always thought this was sort of a dumb trick -- the old fake hand on the cloth you are holding up, and so you have a free hand to shake the tamborine, or toss the cards in the air, or whatever other ghostly manifestation you might choose to create.  But when this version came out, that eliminated the need for a cloth, and allow the use of an everyday item (the newspaper) as a cover, I started to play around with it.  And when I showed it to some lay people, they loved it.    It is quite startling at first, and then (I think when they figure out what you're doing), it is very funny and entertaining.

If you don't take this effect too seriously, you will discover that it is entertainment GOLD.  Lots of funny bits, like causing sunglasses to appear on your face -- raise the newspaper in front of your face and then instantly lower it to show sunglasses.  Do it again, and you have a false mustache on, and one more time, and you have big,ugly Billy Bob buck teeth.     For kids, they go crazy at this!!!   Suddenly a third hand appears at the center of the newspaper, holding one finger to your lips in the universal "Shhhh!" gesture, telling the kids to be quiet.  Of course, they just go crazier and louder when this happens!

None of the gag props,. like glasses, teeth, mustache, etc are included -- you will have to get your own seance props to suit whatever ideas and routines you come up with.     (Sorry about the stock picture on this one, but my wife laughs so hard whenever I demo this, she can't hold still to take a pic of me using the prop!)

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