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Circle to Square -- visual quickie (vintage EZ magic, 1980s)

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An oldie but goodie.  Show a large metal hoop, or Circle.  In an instant, it changes to a metal Square.  Easy to do, and fun for kidshows. 

I show it to the kids, and say, "I have here a large Square".  Of course they yell that I am wrong.  Some by-play as I try to convince them it is a square, and then I get them all to yell the magic words and help me change it to a real square.  They love it when it does in fact become a square!

This is a nice quality prop, this is an older piece, from the 1980s, by EZ Magic  -- some of the new versions of this effect are pretty flimsy, but this is nicely made.

Although three or four decades old, this one is in excellent condition, with the original instructions.

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